Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Indispensable Software Engineering Tools for .NET

JIRA: rudimentary but ok, not so great for managing project plans
Source Control
Subversion: all check-ins must have a reference back to the original requirement.
Everything included in the release must be held in the versioned repository.
Everything means everything... environment specific config files.
(Don't store usernames and passwords in source control, but that's ok because you didn't hard code them into your configuration anyway, did you!?)
> get latest from source control, tag so that the build can be repeated.
> ensure compiled assemblies are versioned so they can be traced back to the build.
> build, run unit tests and other code metric tools.
Code Metric Tools:
>anything for cyclomatic complexity?
Post Build
FishEye: great for seeing all metrics, committed changes etc. Useful when you need to see what changes went into a build.

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