Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Flex interaction with JavaScript (and ASP.NET)

It just doesn't quite work out of the box.

First, a flash object within an HTML form element fails when the flash runtime tries to register the callbacks you defined in your Flex app (e.g. a callback added in ActionScript using ExternalInterface.addCallback("someFunction", someFunctionPointer) is evaluated in the browser as __flash__addCallback(objectId, "someFunction"). A hack to get around this would be to assign your Flash object to window.objectId as soon as you've created it: hey presto! you've worked around one limitation.

Second. There appears to be a race condition if you need to initialize your Flex app with JavaScript data as soon as both are ready. At first, I thought I had a choice... push from JavaScript or pull from Flex. To push, we need to know that the callback has been added in the browser: either by polling or by registering an event. I refuse to poll, and I can't find a way to register for the event. The remaining option is to pull. The question is, will the source data (JavaScript) have been assigned by the time my Flex Application's applicationComplete event has fired? No idea, really.

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