Thursday, November 30, 2006

NUnit and Visual Studio 2003

In any typical application that I'm asked to develop, there is an assembly of business objects I'm compelled to unit test. So I create a new project to the solution with ".Test" appended to the name (e.g to unit test the CDMA.Business assembly, I'd create a new CDMA.Business.Test class library project that references both the CDMA.Business and nunit.framework assemblies). Frequently, the subject of unit tests depends on application configuration settings, so I'll create a new file called CDMA.Business.Test.dll.config (note that this is the name of the assembly, with ".config" appended) within the test project and then I'll add a new Post-build event to copy the file to the target directory. Project Properties -> Common Properties -> Build Events -> Post-build Event Command Line:

xcopy /y "$(ProjectDir)$(TargetFileName).config" "$(TargetDir)"

To enable debugging via the F5 key, I'll use the following settings in Project Properties -> Configuration Properties -> Debugging:

Debug Mode: Program
Start Application: C:\Program Files\NUnit 2.2.8\bin\nunit-gui.exe
Command Line Arguments: CDMA.Business.Test.dll

If you then set your unit test project as the start up project you can just press the F5 key and Visual Studio will automagically build the project, copy the configuration file, run the nunit-gui executable and attach the debugger to it. To skip the last step, just press CTRL-F5 instead.

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