Sunday, November 12, 2006

Exception Handling

OMF! My blood reached boiling point this week when I overheard a colleague whining when his poorly structured error handling and logging mish-mash was removed from the codebase. Similarly, it boiled a couple of months ago when a group of fellow consultants were encouraging a user interface element that would generically display stack trace information to users. Please, people, follow these guidelines:
a) Stack trace (or even exception type information) should NEVER be shown to users because you don't know what kind of sensitive (perhaps proprietary) information is contained within.
b) DON'T append long dynamic SQL statements (or any other information used solely for diagnostic purposes) to your Exception's Message property so that it can be displayed on the screen, unencrypted, rather log it separately.
c) DO use a framework like Microsoft's Enterprise Library, or a component like log4net to trace information rather than displaying it in the end user's UI.

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